Supporting The Center

The National Humanities Center gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals, corporations, foundations, and institutions that supported the Center and its programs in 2020–21.

NHC Supporters: Rishi Jaitly (NHC Trustee)

CEO, Times Bridge, Charlottesville, VA

NHC Supporters: Mia Bay (NHC Fellow, 2009–10)

Roy F. and Jeannette P. Nichols Chair in American History, University of Pennsylvania

NHC Supporters: J. Porter Durham Jr. (NHC Trustee)

Managing Partner and General Counsel, Global Endowment Management, LP, Charlotte, NC

NHC Supporters: Dorothy Wong (NHC Fellow, 2011–12)

Professor of Art History, University of Virginia

NHC Supporters: Jim and Char Murphy

Friends of the Center since 2002

Chairman's Council


J. Porter and Victoria Durham 

National Endowment for the Humanities 

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. 

President's Council


Barbara Asch and Jonathan Weiss

in memory of Nan S. Weiss

Peter Benoliel and Willo Carey

Simon Chang 

William D. Cohan 

JJR Foundation 

William and Sandra Moore 

in memory of John Hope Franklin*

Patricia R. and Thruston B. Morton 

Jane O. Newman* and John H. Smith*

Carl and Betty Pforzheimer 

Cara W. Robertson* 

Elisabeth Schroeder 

in honor of J. Porter Durham

Raymond J. Wiacek and Nancy E. O'Connell

A. Morris Williams, Jr. 



Scholar's Council


Jim and Janet Averill 

Elizabeth Birkelund 

Pam and Doug Hendrickson 

Rishi S. Jaitly 

Courtney Lederer and Mark Thierfelder

Richard and Jane Levy 

Lawrence and Lucy Ricciardi 

Sally and Russell Robinson 

Peter J. and Anne L. Rogers, Jr. 

Tom Scherer and Georgia Nugent

Mr. David Bruce Smith 

The Grateful American Foundation 

Bruce and Sandra VonCannon 

Director's Council


Anonymous (2) 

William Banks* 

Dennis and Leesa Campbell 

William Chester Jordan 

Karen and Peter Lawrence 

Robert and Vicky Newman 

Cynthia and John C. O’Hara 

Pine Tree Foundation of New York 

Carol Quillen 

Robert B. Strassler 

Timothy Tackett* and Helen Chenut

Ben Vinson III* 



Joni Adamson* 


Professor Edna G. Bay* 

David Blackbourn 

M. Evan Bonds* 

in honor of Gilbert Sewall*

Matthew Booker* 

Erika L. Briesacher 

David Bromwich 

Ric Burns 

Heidi N. Camp 

Mary Ann Clark 

Jonathan D. Culler* and Cynthia Chase

in honor of Geoffrey G. Harpham

Jonathan Earle 

Frances Daly Fergusson 

Annette Gordon-Reed 

Kevin M. Guthrie 

Anna Ragland Hayes 

Elizabeth* and Howard Helsinger 

Carla Hesse* and Thomas Laqueur*

Michael Ann Holly 

Jordynn Jack* 

Ari Kelman 

Philip S. Khoury 

Shepard Krech III* 

William E.* and Jean Anne Leuchtenburg 

William G. Lycan* 

Gregg A. Mitman* 

Ada Palmer 

Dr. Vincent E. Price 

William Prizer* and Kristine Forney

Helmut Puff* 

Thomas E. Quay, Esq. and Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D.

Malcolm L. Richardson 

Harriet Ritvo* 

Hollis Robbins* 

Daniel Scroop* and Julia Reid

in memory of Flora Scroop-Reid

Mitra Sharafi* 

Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Foundation, Inc. 

in memory of Stephen H. Weiss

Joan* and Philip* Stewart 

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas 

Rachel Toor 

Peter B. Villella* 

Ed Weisiger, Jr. and Betsy Fleming

Winokur Family Foundation 

Susan Wolf* and Douglas MacLean

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Yoder Jr. 

Pauline R. Yu 

in memory of John P. Birkelund


Up to $999

Michael C. Alexander* 

Judith H. Anderson* 


In honor of The Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund for their valuable support to academics and researchers who are threatened in their home countries or regions


in memory of Amy P. Dykeman

Anonymous (21) 

Robert G. Anthony, Jr. 

Melissa Bailes* 

Ann Baker and Michael Lienesch*

Kathlene Baldanza 

Emily Baragwanath* 

Mia E. Bay* 

Jodi Bilinkoff* 

Blair H. and Lee D. Temkin Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Inc. 

Barbara Weiden Boyd* 

Brandi C. Brimmer* 

Thomas J. Brown* 

in memory of Anthony E. Kaye*

Kathryn J. Burns* 

in honor of Ned and Martha Burns

Mary Baine Campbell* 

David N. Cannadine* 

Nicholas P. Canny* 

Annemarie Weyl Carr* 

Vincent* and Patricia Carretta 

John Carson* 

Scott E. Casper* 

Roger Chickering* 

Suzannah Clark* 

Sherman Cochran* 

Fred Colby Hobson, Jr.* 

in honor of Kent Mullikin

Rita M. Conner 

Joy Connolly 

Raymond J. and Patricia P. Cormier 

Paul B.* and Margaret C. Courtright 

John E. Crowley* 

Edwin M. Curley* 

James C. Dobbins* 

in memory of John H. Churchill

A. A. Donohue* 

Mrs. Elizabeth Dowd 

Dr. Flo D. Durway 

Richard M. Eaton* 

Robert R. Edwards* and Emily R. Grosholz*

Carole and Richard Eisner 

Ryan Emanuel* 

Constantin Fasolt* 

in memory of Paul O. Kristeller

Frances Ferguson* 

Barbara J. Fields 

in memory of Anthony E. Kaye*

Kate Flint* 

Jaroslav T. Folda* 

Frank and Carole Gailor 

Peter L. Galison* 

Catherine Gallagher* and Martin Jay*

Mary Ellis Gibson* and Charles Orzech*

in memory of Amélie O. Rorty*

Art Goldsmith and Jan Kaufman

Jan Goldstein* and William Sewell*

Bryna Goodman* 

Carol and Mike Grajek 

Bruce M. Grant* 

Vartan Gregorian 

Paul F. Grendler* 

Grinnell College Dept of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies 

in memory of Tyler Roberts

Alexis P. Gumbs* 

Madelyn* and Marcel* Gutwirth 

Barbara J. Harris* and Stanley Chojnacki*

J. William Harris* 

Frances S. Hasso* 

Chad Heap* 

John F. Heil* 

James A. Henretta* 

Dr. Angela K. Hodge 

Dr. John A. Hodgson* 

Alfred Hornung* 

Lynn Hunt and Margaret Jacob

Howard Hunter 

Jefferson Hunter* 

Richard Janko* 

Peter Jelavich* 

Randal Maurice Jelks* 

in honor of Benjamin E. Mays

Michael Johnston* 

Larry Eugene Jones* 

Temma Kaplan* 

G. Ronald Kastner, Ph.D. 

Thomas Keirstead* and Deidre Lynch*

Dane Kennedy* 

Elizabeth Kennedy* and Bobbi Prebis

William and Victoria Keogan 

Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie* 

Claudia A. Koonz* 

Lloyd S. Kramer* 

John Kucich* 

Peter G. Lake* 

Sanford A. Lakoff* 

Raymond T. LaManna 

Dr. George R. Lamplugh 

Michele Lamprakos* 

Joshua Landy* 

Susan H. Langdon* 

Carlton and Emily Lee 

Adriane Lentz-Smith* 

Janny Leung* 

John R. Levison* and Priscilla Pope-Levison

Oscar M. Lewis 

David Levering Lewis* 

Lawrence* and Joanna Lipking 

Joseph Loewenstein* and Lynne Tatlock

Michael* and Nancy Lofaro 

Michèle Longino* 

Robert M. Longsworth* 

Joseph Luzzi* and Helena Baillie

in honor of Geoffrey G. Harpham

Nicole Marafioti* and Michael Simons

Ted* and Joby* Margadant 

Michelle Massé* 

Louise C. Maynor 

in memory of Dr. Waltz Maynor

Sean McCann* 

Ned S. McClurg 

Ellen McDaniel and Bob Young

Terence McIntosh* 

Ellen A. McLarney* 

Mary P. McPherson 

Martin Meisel* 

Martin* and Carolyn Melosi 

Keith D. Miller* 

Gail Minault* 

Nelson H. Minnich* 

Robert Mitchell* 

Craig A. Monson* 

Christopher R. Moore* 

Georgia Mouroutsou* 

Pamala Q. Muller 

in memory of William A. Muller III

Kent and Miriam Mullikin 

Matthew and Anna Mullikin Lorenz 

Robert S. Nelson* 

Joan Neuberger* 

Wing Chung Ng* 

Philip* and Deborah* Nord 

Katherine O’Brien O’Keeffe* 

Francis Oakley* 

Sherry Ortner* and Timothy Taylor*

Paul* and Lynn Otto 

Michael G. Parker 

Ada Farnell Parsons 

James* and Florence Peacock 

Linda Levy Peck* 

Theda Perdue* 

David S. Peterson* 

Henry Petroski* 

Jeremy D. Popkin* 

Mark Possanza* and Jennifer Kraar

in memory of Anthony E. Kaye*

Katherine Preston* 

Lisa and David Price 

Carmine and Elizabeth Prioli 

Michael J. Puri* and Sylvia S.H. Chong

Dr. Jill Raitt* 

Mrinalini Rajagopalan* 

Andrews Reath* 

Peter Redfield and Silvia Tomásková

Mark Richard* and Nancy Bauer

Marilynn Richtarik* and Matt Bolch

Joseph A. Ritok 

Gabriel Rosenberg* 

Ellen Ross* 

Martha Rust* and Leslie Myrick

Ruth and David* Sabean 

Stephen Salkever* 

Crystal R. Sanders* 

Elaine Scarry* 

in honor of Stuart Curran

Sharon and Richard Schramm 

Ellen W. Schrecker* 

Philip D. Schuyler* 

in memory of Robert B. Martin*

Jane Sharp* 

Stephanie J. Shaw* 

David E. Simpson* 

Sheryl Sims and Ian Bowater

Joe Sitter 

Elzbieta Sklodowska* 

in memory of John C. Boehm & Jean J. Boehm

Mary Slavin 

in memory of Donald Slavin

Amazon Smile 

Erin A. Smith* 

Holly M. Smith* 

Jeremiah Snyder 

Don Solomon and Patrick Carroll

Diana Sorensen 

Eli P. Sorensen* 

Randolph Starn* 

Sharon T. Strocchia* 

Barry and Winnifred* Sullivan 

Paul E. Szarmach* 

Richard Talbert* 

Hugh M. Thomas* 

Christian Thorau* 

Julie K. Trotter 

Stephanie and Sean Tucker 

Herbert F. Tucker* 

Richard Turits* and Hannah Rosen

Faith Underhill Fogle 

in memory of Catherine and Richard Fogle

Aarthi Vadde* 

Ray* and Judy Van Dam 

Kevan VanLandingham and Debra Tucci

Julie Velásquez Runk* 

Martha J. Vicinus* 

Patricia Waddy* 

Margaret M. Walton 

Drs. D.X.* and J. Christopher Warner 

in honor of Kent Mullikin

Marianne Wason 

Chris Waters* 

Rachel Watson* 

Saundra* and Robert Weddle 

Charlotte B. Weinstein 

in memory of Anthony E. Kaye*

Jennifer Weiss and Bruce Hamilton

in honor of Jonathan G. Weiss

Hugh West* 

in memory of Wendy Allanbrook*

Jennifer D. Williams* 

David* and Carolyn Wills 

John F. Wilson* 

Michael Witmore 

Mary Ann F. Witt 

in memory of Ronald Witt*

Gene Wojciechowski and Jane Florence

Dorothy C. Wong* 

Anne M. Wyatt-Brown 

in memory of Bertram Wyatt-Brown*

Ruth Bernard Yeazell* 

Lawrence Zbikowski* and Victoria L. Long


Thank You


Sustaining Support

These companies, foundations, and institutions provided support through ongoing grants and/or renewable sponsorships during 2020-21.

Amherst College 

Arizona State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Bloomberg Philanthropies 

Bowdoin College 

Case Western Reserve University 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, George Mason University 

Columbia University Division of Arts and Sciences 

Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University 

Cornell University 

Davidson College 

Duke Health 

Duke University 

Emory College of Arts and Sciences 

Fred L. Emerson Foundation 

Furman University 

George Washington University 

Hamilton College 

Harvard University 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 

North Carolina Humanities Council 

North Carolina State University 

Penn State Humanities Institute, Pennsylvania State University 

Princeton University 

Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina 

Research Triangle Institute 

Rice University School of Humanities 

Swarthmore College 

Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts 

Texas Tech University College of Arts and Sciences 

The Burroughs Wellcome Fund 

The College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Arlington 

The Duke Endowment 

The University of Alabama, College of Arts and Sciences 

University of California, Irvine, Humanities Center 

University of California, Santa Cruz, Humanities Division 

University of Florida Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere 

University of Maryland 

University of Memphis, Marcus W. Orr Center for the Humanities 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

University of Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters 

University of Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Forum 

University of Pennsylvania 

University of Utah College of Humanities 

University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 

Washington University in St. Louis 

Yale University 

Matching Gifts

These organizations made matching gifts to the Center’s 2020–21 annual fund campaign.

The Dowd Foundation 

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. 

Gifts in Kind

These gifts include additions to the Robert H. and Margaret S. Goheen Collection of Books by Fellows.

Joni Adamson* 

Candace Bailey* 

Erika L. Briesacher 

Chad Bryant* 

Mary Ann Clark 

John Corrigan* 

Marie Drew-Bear* 

Jonathan Earle 

Joel Elliott 

Dyan H. Elliott* 

Xiaoping Fang* 

Judith Farquhar* 

Lynn M. Festa* 

Sandya Hewamanne* 

Howard Hunter 

Colin Jones* 

Ari Kelman 

Pavlos Kontos* 

Lisa Levenstein* 

Emily J. Levine* 

Christopher Melchert* 

Gretchen Murphy* 

Akinwumi Ogundiran* 

Ada Palmer 

Hollis Robbins* 

Ann Rowland* 

Ricardo Salles* 

Lizzie Schechter* 

David L. Schoenbrun* 

Richard Schramm 

Mab Segrest* 

Tatiana Seijas* 

Ebony Elizabeth Thomas 

Rachel Toor 

Luise S. White* 

Christopher* and Elizabeth Witmore 

Sawyer Society Members

The Sawyer Society recognizes those who have included a legacy gift to the Center in their estate plans.


Professor Edna G. Bay 

Peter Benoliel and Willo Carey

Mr.† and Mrs.† R. F Goheen 

Robert Hollander† 

Howard Hunter 

John B. Hurford 

Jenann Ismael* 

G. Ronald Kastner, Ph.D 

Linda Kauffman* and David Gray

Ellen E. Kaye 

in memory of Anthony E. Kaye*

John King* 

Shepard Krech III* 

Hope Lacy 

Richard and Jane Levy 

Mrs. Nancy Lewis† 

Sheila M. Lund† 

Professor Louise McReynolds* 

John† and Polly† Medlin 

William M. Moore 

Sherry Ortner* and Timothy Taylor*

John E. Sawyer† 

David E. Shi* 

The Estate of Philip L. Quinn 

Mrs. Rosaleen M. Walsh 

Seth L. Warner† 

Clay C. Whitehead, M.D.† 

Marjorie C. Woods* 

* Fellow † Deceased